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See you for Belgian Air Force Days in 2026 !

T-6 Texan - Safety Jogger

The Air Force naturally attaches great importance to reliable and sound equipment for all its employees. It is therefore no surprise that it also calls on Safety Jogger's Belgian quality wear. And surprise: Safety Jogger also manages a nice collection of classic aircraft!

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French Patrouille Tranchant

A chunk of nostalgia completes the programme of the Belgian Air Force Days 2023! We all know the current team of the Red Devils on Marchetti SF260, but the heyday of the Belgian Air Force's demonstration team was probably back in the days of the Fouga Magister. The Red Devils would perform all over Western Europe with their bright red Fougas to thrill the crowds.

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Thunder Tigers

Meet the Thunder Tigers: four operational F-16 pilots of 31 “Tiger” Squadron, based in Kleine-Brogel.
Led by “TOBI”, they will show you their all during the Belgian Air Force Days.

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Static Participants shining

During Belgian Air Force Days, not only can you marvel at spectacular demos of military aircraft in the sky, you can also admire unique aircraft on the ground in the varied static exhibition. With many of them, the crews will be present to tell you more about the qualities of their marvels of technology. We would like to spotlight some remarkable participants from foreign partners of the Belgian Air Force.

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The Victors

Many airmen take their first steps in aviation at a local flying club. Belgium has many clubs where the pleasure of flying is accessible to all and a rich club life adds life to the local community.

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Supermarine Spitfire MkXVI

The Belgian air force has a long and proud tradition. While it only became an independent branch in 1946, military aviation in Belgium started as early as 1909. During the Second World War, two current-day Belgian squadrons originated within the Royal Air Force, 350 squadron, nowadays at Florennes, and 349 squadron, based at Kleine-Brogel since 1996.

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MultiRole Tanker & Transport

Cutting edge, forward thinking, adaptability, flexibility, working with the latest technologies, all this characterises working in the air force in an ever-changing world. To meet these new challenges, the air force commissioned new types into service in recent years, and with them introduced new capabilities within the air force.

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Polish Air Force - Orlik Aerobatic Team

Training the “new generation” is a key element for an organisation like the Air Force. Trainee pilots learn to master increasingly complex systems during their journey, until they can eventually handle the most advanced aircraft. This requires specialised training aircraft.
The Polish Air Force has a diverse and modern fleet of training aircraft in service, and one type is even Polish-made: the PZL-130 Orlik (eagle).

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Razzle Blades Demo

It goes without saying that the Belgian A-109 solo demonstration team “Razzle Blades” is one of the main stars at the Belgian Air Force Days. Captains Stijn Soenen and Jo Jacobs of 17th squadron at Beauvechain will proudly show off the maneuverability of their gorgeous Agusta A-109.

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CZE - W3A Sokol

Flying rescue missions is true teamwork. The heroic deeds of the helicopter crews appeal to everyone's imagination. During the demonstration of the W-3 Sokol of the Czech Air Force, the main role is clearly claimed by 2 crew members outside the cabin.

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The Belgian future, today

A show dedicated to the 'new generation' would not be complete without the future showpiece of the Belgian Air Force. The air force is always looking for new qualified people. As an inclusive employer, the Air Force values equal opportunities, and the following demonstration gives this point some extra shine.

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Patrouille de France

Air force operations are often complex, and everything must run smoothly. This is perhaps even more crucial when the pride of the nation rests on your shoulders. In order to convey the most positive image possible, thorough professionalism and cooperation are necessary components for success.

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Swedish Air Force Historic Flight

When talking about aviation, you immediately think of innovation, and the following two aircraft are two prime examples of fighter aircraft that were far ahead of their time and made young people dream of a career in the air force years ago. Both aircraft come from Sweden, a country with a long tradition of building aircraft for its own air force, primarily from manufacturer Saab, and perhaps surprisingly, remarkably innovative fighters for their time.

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Experience the legendary Do228 (also known as Dornier 228) live at the Belgian Air Force Days. The airshow flight program for the Do228 demonstrates the speed ranges and agile handling qualities of the aircraft and will be performed by the skilled pilots of the aircraft OEM General Atomics AeroTec Systems.

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Swiss Air Force F/A-18

Working at Belgian Defense means that you have a lot of contacts with foreign colleagues. These international partnerships are an enormous enrichment for all military personnel. Members of our international partners will be happy to meet you during the Belgian Air Force Days 2023 in Kleine-Brogel.

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Jobs @ Defence

Defense is recruiting - with hundreds of vacancies every year, Defense is one of the largest employers in the country! Check it out through this website
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