8 & 9 Sep '18 Kleine-Brogel Air Base

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Book now and win one of the three free flights.

Included: Stay – ticket Belgian Air Force Days – Welcome gadget – Transport to and from the Airbase.

Especially for visitors of the Belgian Air Force Days, Center Parcs Erperheide and Molenheide offer a unique package which includes: stay, transportation to and from the airbase and some unique benefits! The airbase is located 5 minutes from Center Parcs Erperheide and Molenheide.

You can find all the details and book your arrangement on  Center Parcs or Molenheide (link to promotion)



Book your stay during the Belgian Air Force Days starting form € 359,- (ticket airshow included)


Center Parcs:

Book your stay through the special Center Parcs webpag




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