8 & 9 Sep '18 Kleine-Brogel Air Base

Program 7, 8, 9 Sep '18

  UPDATES 2x / week !!!
Confirmed participating countries:

Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Jordan, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switserland, UK, USA
The exact program will be slightly different on Saturday 8 Sep and Sunday 9 Sep, but will be confirmed/displayed a few days before the event. The Spottersday Friday 07 Sep will be presented with a separate schedule.

Country Squadron Type   Flying / Static
to be announced / confirmed      
F-16 Belgian Air Force Solo Display BAF-demo Fighter Aircraft F
Thunder Tigers (4x F-16) BAF-demo Display Team F
F-16 349 SQN Fighter Aircraft S
F-16 31 SQN Fighter Aircraft S
F-16 OCU SQN Fighter Aircraft S
C-130H 20 SQN Transport Aircraft -
Seaking demo 40 SQN Rescue Helicopter F
Alpha Jet 11 SQN Training Aircraft S
Red Devils demo 5 SQN Aerobatic Team F
B-Hunter 80 SQN Reconaissance Aircraft S
Agusta A-109 demo 17 SQN Tactical Helicopter F
Embraer ERJ 135 21 SQN Passenger Aircraft F
NH-90 demo 18 SQN Tactical Helicopter F
Extra 330SC (Kristof Cloetens) demo   Aerobatic Display F
Czech Republic      
Saab Gripen demo   Fighter Aircraft F
Baby Blue   Display Team F
F-16 demo   Fighter Aircraft F
Breitling Jet Team   Display Team F
Rafale demo   Fighter Aircraft F
Patrouille de France Sunday 9 Sep Display Team F
Tigre   Tactical Helicopter S
Caïman   Tactical Helicopter S
Eurofighter 71 Wing Fighter Aircraft S
A-400M   Transport Aircraft S
Tornado 33 Wing Fighter Aircraft S
Zeus - F-16 demo   Fighter Aircraft F
MIG-29 demo   Fighter Aircraft F
F-18 demo   Fighter Aircraft F
Mig-29    Fighter Aircraft S
C-27J Spartan   Transport Aircraft -
F-18 demo   Fighter Aircraft F
The Netherlands      
Hawker Hunter   Historical Fighter Aircraft F
CH-47 Chinook RNLAF   Transport Helicopter S
Apache AH-64D RNLAF   Tactical Helicopter S
Sukhoi SU-27 - Flanker demo   Fighter Aircraft F
United Kingdom      
RAF Falcons Royal Air Force Parachute Team F
EH-101 Merlin HM2 Royal Navy Anti-submarine Helicopter S
Eurofighter Typhoon demo   Fighter Aircraft F
to be announced / confirmed      

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